Shucky beans

I love Shucky Beans

Appalachian Cookin'

Basically, this is a recipe involving full green beans – that is, don’t pick the beans until they are full but also still green. My mom generally goes to the local fruit stand to get full shelled beans, but this summer didn’t find any. Luckily, you can freeze the beans once they are completely dried out, so you can still serve them all year.

After picking or buying fresh full beans, dry the beans for 4-5 days in an indoor but sunny, dry place. You can lay the beans out on a cheesecloth or string them up to dry.

*If you freeze the beans, freeze them before soaking them in water and soda. This step should happen when you decide to cook the beans.

Once the beans are dry, soak them for 12 hours in enough water to cover them generously and about 2 tbps of baking soda (for a…

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Who let the dogs out?

I once had a neighbor that lived down the street from me when I was a little girl in my parents’ home. She was a very nice lady that kept two big watch dogs in her big fenced in back yard. She lived alone since her husband died so the dogs were of great protection to her. She would occasionally have to leave to run an errand, or would go for a walk when she did this she’d bring her dogs in until she returned.

One time when she left a man snuck in her back yard, he was planning on breaking in and robbing the place. Well she returned and let her dogs out in the back yard where the man was, and they mauled him he ran screaming down the street with the dogs chasing him and she called the police and they picked up the guy and charged him with attempted burglary but not before he was taken to the hospital to receive stitches for all his wounds. The guy later tried to bring charges against my neighbor for being attacked by her two dogs. The charges were dropped because he was trying to break into her house.

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Devil Child

My mother always called me the devil child
Because I was loud, destructive and wild

I found out years later I was born with ADHD

No one wanted ever to spend any time with me

Parents didn’t know of ADHD or why I was different

They didn’t understand and they were very intolerant

Parents told older sister I was bad and she didn’t have to be around or play with me

So much of the time alone was really no fun, however for some help I did make a plea

I heard my mother double dog dare my father to hit me

Mother would refer to me as a turd in front of the family

All my cousins were smart, while I was failing all my classes in school

Got in to many fights with bullies and teachers who were always cruel

My family would all make fun of me, call names bully and teased

I was the loser that anyone could do or say what they pleased

None of my cousins was I ever allowed with to play

Was always much of the time alone every and all day

I lived in a strange way my dad was very to the T religious

And my mother was always drunk and of course blameless

She’d drink when home from work, on the weekends or holidays

And could always hide it from all her friends and the relatives

No one believed me when I told them that she had been drinking

They acted like I was crazy by then I knew what they were thinking

My mother took me out on Friday nights to eat and buy whatever I wanted, after work

Her last stop was always the liquor store for drink and smoke, I was left in car like a jerk

Bought games that took two or more to play, but she nor did dad never have any intension Of spending time with me, I was in there way. I was a bad child that needed intervention

Wasn’t the perfect child I admit; I ran off when I was 16 did things I regret parents put me

Away, they came for counseling I complained about moms drinking and she felt angry

She said her drinking wasn’t my problem, she’d be back to see me when I could face the truth

Never could mother admit her or dad doing wrong, everything was because I was a youth

Came home from school one day mom was passed out on the living room floor dead drunk

Called ambulance for her Dr blamed me and said no visit, and he called me a worthless punk

My dad would come home and find she was throwing up while passed out always in her bed

I’d watch him take bowls put them near her mouth to catch it, was something I would dread

He’d walk to the bathroom, empty the bowl and go back to get the next one to do the very same

And replace the unfilled one repeat the process. I was told by her doctor that I was the blame

Sometimes mom would run down the hall to the toilet bowl throw up then my heart would race

Because I always knew mom would do this and then she’d come to room to scare rant and pace

Since I was a bad spoiled child who had parents with money, nice house cars and good jobs

And I was not willing to help out or be responsible, was told I made the family look like slobs

My sister let her boyfriend talk her into letting him take me to dentist, instead he molested me

No one believed me because in the past I had lied about things, and the truth no one would see

I was different all the cousins, my aunts and uncle could blame me when things went missing

Or went wrong I was then and still am now the perfect scapegoat yes about it I’m still babbling

My father ran out the back door, when he heard me wake up and come out of my room

So he didn’t have to bother with me, I wanted to spend time with him he’d assume

Somehow I managed to graduate from high school and I then would move

To a different city I felt I might have better luck and my life would improve

Married two very bad guys both who beat, threatened me and verbally abused

Divorced them both and had one child and how I’d raise this child alone I was confused

Tried to work and go to school never was competent enough to follow through

Each time I would start either I did not have the ability of completing anything new

Am not proud of this but I had 30 jobs that I lost in 10 years and even tried going to college

Unable to remember how and when to do things, my head from years of abuse was in a fog

Filed for SSI and Social Security, got on section 8, food stamps WIC and other government aid

I needed a home for myself and my daughter so I had to depend on things like this to get paid

My daughter grew up, became ill with a repeating debilitating disease

I dedicated myself to getting her well, and nothing about it was a breeze

Had to take her in pain for Doctor visits many times she’d cry and wished she were dead

This broke my heart with no family help, just her and I to face things in the years ahead

Unable to attend school for years, the Doctor signed permission to stay home

School system assigned a teacher who was mean nothing about her was tome

School Social workers interfered

And my name they smeared

She finally one day went into remission

And now the nephrotic kidney condition

Seems for now to have forever gone for good away

For years it’s been don’t want others to downplay

For a while I homeschooled her and the first semester back in the public school

She was on the honor roll things seemed to be looking up and I felt like I was the rule

Then one day she lost interest in classes, homework and attending

And the principal of the high school was calling and threatening

Pulled her out and put her in to get her GED

Soon she was out within month of three

A year before she was supposed to graduate

I knew by then that I was doing things right

Enrolled me and her in community college we made the Dean’s list and no student loan debt

Last May she and I graduated have a new life now I don’t feel things in my life are a threat

But alone I’ve raised a good child, self-published a book and kept things together

I’ve published some poetry and stories in magazines that will be on web pages forever

Even though my parents have helped me out once in a while financially

I feel lack of respect since they helped family who treated me crummy

I’m still feeling and have most of the hopeless thoughts when I was young

But I still try to steer my daughter to be different from me and hold my tongue

Those cousins with the high degree

Don’t seem to have too much on me

Both lost their jobs within a year out of college from being snobs and dishonest

But the parents just think that it was because others were being so glibbest

Both stuck alone in life working in their old age

That just mostly pays a low minimum wage

Sister divorced husband for molesting her children still won’t speak told her kids I was bad

She lives in my town and over 20 years she’s never visited so by her I’ve been for life had

Most of all I think it’s because my parents never would face reality or admit

To any wrong doing of years of abuse and neglect, something I couldn’t forget

Why am I talking about this after all these years still?

Because I think that it may just possibly help me to heal

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Blizzard of ’78

 We’re having a huge snow in the Midwest. I thought I’d put up this story 

 Blizzard of 1978

   I remember hearing the news about the huge snow predicted for our area and was hoping for a snow day, but I did not believe it because Indiana wasn’t known for huge snowfall amounts.  My father was on the fire department and was on duty the 24-hours previous, and there was no time prepare for the coming snow storm.  

On the morning of the blizzard, there was very little food in the house.  We were all quite hungry, but not as much as we were in awe when we looked out the window, and saw the heavy blanket of snow. There was no way either one of the cars could be moved out of the driveway because the snow covered half the garage.  

My father arrived home by emergency vehicle from the fire department, and quickly made plans to get food for us, but he would not be able to take the car.The only way he could get food was to walk through many feet of snow a few blocks away to the neighborhood Dietz Market, (Dietz Market was an old “Mom and Pop” type of a grocery store) and use a sled to bring the groceries home. However, he first had to dig his way to the garage  just to be able  to retrieve the sled.

He took the old  Radio Flyer sled with the wooden slats and the red metal blades, and pulled it behind him. He put a big box on top of the sled to carry groceries back.  I watched from the window as he walked down the long street, he seemed to disappear into the snow pulling the sled behind.

Outside it looked uncertain as I watched spurts of snowfall and the evergreen being weighed down with the mounds of snow. I went outside, even though dad told me not to. He didn’t want me to follow him as I might get lost in the deep snow. I looked down the street for him as far as I could see and I noticed every car appeared hidden by the snow. 

The cars looked like igloos, and the tree limbs were bending almost to the point of splitting. The sun was breaking through the clouds. There was such an eerie quiet punctuated by sounds of ice crystals hitting the windows and the eerie echo of those who ventured out to shovel snow. It was unimaginable to me that so much snow could fall in such a short time.

My sister, mother and I had set the table for breakfast and were waiting for father to return. I kept looking out the window  until I saw him coming down the street. I saw that my father had many bags of groceries, you could see bread, cereal, donuts at the top of the box plus he was carrying a bag.   In no time he arrived, and we helped him carry the groceries inside, and Mother started breakfast for all of us.

We could have been very upset for not buying the food and preparing for the blizzard, but it ended up being quite the adventure for all of us. Breakfast was made and we sat in front of the fireplace afterwards with cocoa and watched movies, played monopoly, and told stories. My mother cooked a big, delicious breakfast.  I remember having sausage, bacon, scrambled eggs, cream gravy, fried potatoes, fried apples, and homemade biscuits. It was the best breakfast; I guess because we were all safe and warm together.

The next few days everyone was digging out, and the roads were iced over thick. My sister and I ice skated for blocks up and down the street. We must have been the only ones with ice skates because no one else came out to skate with us. They did come out to watch us, but not to skate.

Our family took what could have been a bad day and made an exciting adventure out of it. My family was like that. We always turned things around and had many good times together. This is one good family time I will never forget

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It’s so pretty to see everything show

Covered in a thick blanket of snow

Everything was all white for as far as I could see

Nothing but eerie silence for a while I felt free

People should get on their snowshoes

Cars parked on the road look like igloos

And the evergreens have such a glow

They are beautifully flocked with snow

Schools, roads and businesses are shut down

And no one is allowed out about in the town

Should get out and have some winter wonderland fun

Build a snow fort or a snow man and go sledding some

Make some snow angels and snow-cream

Better hurry up now, it’s not a dream

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The Kennedy’s

Joe and Rose’s Children

Joseph’s plane was shot down near England during  WWII
John was assassinated in 1963 of November Twenty-Two

Rose Marie Mary had a lobotomy she was acting aggressively
Kathleen, wed Wm J Robt Cavendish she later died unexpectedly

Eunice married a great kind man,  Lieutenant  Robert S. Shriver
Patricia wed actor Peter Lawford, their marriage wasn’t forever

Robert, another brother that was assassinated
Jackie felt sure the Kennedy’s were hated

Married to Stephen Edward Smith
Jean was wed to him until his death

Edward late one night drove off a bridge at Chappaquiddick 
Reporting the next day about Mary Jo Kopechne was horrific 

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Use your time wisely or you just may regret
Read a nice book about a true story of a pet

Write family stories to pass on down
Those stories would never make you frown

Trace some of your family tree
You just might find a celebrity

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