Rev. John Walker

Rev. John Walker

Reverend Walker chose a spot high on a hill next to the spot where his grandparents, Judge John Walker (Who was the son of John Walker, (1789-1857) and Polly Devers (1796-1870)) and Elizabeth “Polly” Combs, ( who was the daughter of Jeremiah Combs 1780-1853) and Cynthia Sumner (1791-1840)) were buried and in the early 1920’s.  Anne Walker, Aunt of Rev. Walker turned the first shovel of dirt to build the original building. In 1924 A.S. Petrey was to take pastorate of Second Baptist church in order for Rev. John Walker to spend more time with his Second Creek Baptist Church. When the present day sanctuary, was erected, the name of the Second Baptist Church was change to Petrey memorial Baptist church.

Below is what is written at the Petrey Memorial Church about Rev. John Walker

In 1915, Rev. Walker organized the Second Creek Baptist church after he had been preaching there for over twenty years. In 1921 Rev. Walker, who had been holding church services in homes of the residents of Walkertown, organized the Second Baptist Church at a meeting he conducted under a large sycamore tree, near the spring which had belonged to his grandparents Judge John walker and “Polly ” Elizabeth Combs. Rev. Walker knew that it was the wish of his grandparents that a Baptist church be built on their lands. So, with some funds he ha secured from his Second Creek Church the building of the Second Baptist church was in the making.


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