Rev. Walker

Rev. Walker

My great grandfather, Rev. John Walker heard the “call” to preach at an early age and spent the remainder of his life being obedient to that experience. He had spent many years as an independent Baptist Preacher when he met and heard Rev. A.S. Petrey in 1897. That meeting changed the direction of John’s ministry. He and my great grandmother became charter members of the First Baptist Church of Hazard, Kentucky, a church associated with Southern Baptists. He was soon ordained as a Southern Baptist and for the next 40 years supported their cause.

Rev Walker continued to preach in the rural sections of the mountain counties, but his work mainly centered on Walkertown and second Creek. The Second Creek church, was organized in 1915. Out of this church came the Second Baptist Church of Hazard, located in Walkertown. Rev John Walker served both these churches until 1924 when he persuaded Rev. A.S. Petrey to take the pastorate of the Walkertown church. Though he officially resigned in 1931, John Walker continued to serve his people without remuneration until his death Jun 4, 1940


Rev. John Walker retires-This is the letter he wrote to his congregation

Allais Ky,

Sept 30, 1931. To the Second Creek Baptist church, having served you as pastor since the organization of this church in 1915 to Sept 5th, 1931. Except the short periods that Brother Lewis served and J.E. Moore, during this time I have helped you to build a church house, which we all should be proud of, Have built up the membership of this church more than once. have aided you financially at all time, have helped you to maintain and run a good Sunday School. As my health is such that I am unable to do pastoral work  as it should be done, I hereby resign the pastorate of this Church to take effect from date of this resignation as your retiring pastor. I hereby recommend Brother Billie Baker as your next pastor and hope you will take legal steps to elect him pastor. At an early date. May God bless you all  and build you up in the most holy faith. Your retiring pastor J.W. Walker.


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