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Time to count your blessings

Thanksgiving is coming up soon.  

Thanksgiving is coming up soon.  

Tonight I’m counting my blessings for what I do have.  One very important thing is that I have my good health. I’m very glad and blessed that I have good health. 

Sure there are things in my life that make me sad, scared and I wish I could change.  But we have to realize that we can’t save or change others in the world. 

Law abiding citizens is what we should be, we should strive to be out best at whatever we do in life. As the saying goes, a job worth doing is worth doing well.

That’s not just the job at work, it’s helping others when they need it and not expecting rewards. When you do something for someone you must do it because you want to. And the reward is how that good deed makes you feel about  yourself.  

We have to be happy with who we are and our accomplishments, like being a good person, paying your bills on time and being respectful towards others.  

I must think of how lucky I am, I’m not rich, I don’t live in a big fine fancy house. But the things that make me feel rich, happy and content with my life is that I am not in debt.

I have the things I need and other things I enjoy. I keep to myself and I love my time to myself at the end of the day. That’s my reward. 

My daughter has graduated from college and is now on her own. That’s the biggest job and the most important job you can have in your life is raising your children and making sure that you give them the tools they need in life to succeed. 

Just because a child turns 18 doesn’t mean your job is over. That child still needs guidance. I was always happy to assist my child when they ask for help.

Oh, I’m sure I dropped the ball on many things in my life, and maybe a few times as a parent. But I believe that I picked that ball back up and went on my way.

It’s not been easy for me because I was a single parent with a very sick  child on cancer meds unable to attend school for years and no spouse to help.  I spent many lonly nights crying, walking the floor and worrying about my daughters health.

Well to make a long story short I got through all those tough years without help and my daughter is now in remission and has been for years. 

I only have myself to thank for my accomplishment, and I’m damn proud. I built a solid foundation that I hope my daughter can continue building on.

I’ll say it again, I’m not rich, I don’t own a home, nice car . I don’t have cable TV, but I feel I’ve arrived, if you will.  Why do I feel this way? Because I’ve made it to age 50 and I have not given up no matter how rough it was for me.  

Many people have gone through bad times and I know that and they have made it through. But for me who felt so weak and helpless, and unloved, I over came that and did all that without encouragement from anyone. 

I had to do that to prove to me, that I could do it, no matter what it took.  You only have to prove something to yourself. Others really don’t care. Once you have proved you can do something then you have everything. Nothing else matters. Not being rich, poor, educated, or uneducated. It also builds confidence and self-esteme. Oh yes it’s all very hard to work for but in the end you get your rewards of. “Yes I did it” !

I’m not perfect by any means, nor do I claim to be. I do have moments where I try for perfection in what I do. What is perfect in my life is that I’ve built a life that I love and enjoy.  

 The fact that you did NOT ever give up no matter how others treated you, or doubted you. That is where the real wealth is.  



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The Roosters last stand


 Year 1927 

  My grandmother rose early on her Kentucky farm as she did every morning, she  dressed ate breakfast, and began her day-her ordinary day-normally filled with habitual chores.  On her farm, her first duty was to gather up corn in the barn to feed her chickens.  

This morning was no different from any other morning. When my grandmother got to the chicken house, she opened the door, took the basket, and started gathering all the eggs; then she would set the basket aside to go out the door leading to the fenced-in area and feed the chickens.

As she was feeding the chickens there was a particular chicken, a proud rooster that would dispute my grandmother’s right to tread on his territory. The rooster started attacking her; my grandmother took a small branch and whacked at the chicken in hopes he’d stand down.

The belligerent chicken returned to its feeding habits and all of a sudden, the territorial bird resumed its assault and stuck once again. My grandmother had to defend her self so she swung  at the chicken repeatedly and you could hear the whistling noise of the stick as she swung and hit the animal.

           My grandmother was quite annoyed at this point, but not angry. When she turned around again, this ‘foul “fowl again resumed its attack. My grandmother whacked the chicken a few more times, and once again, it gave up its attack.

As she was finishing feeding the chickens, she picked up the empty bowl and checked to make sure each chick was feeding peaceably. That chicken once again launched an attack, and by this time, my grandmother was quite peeved.

The contest was on, she or the rooster would win! Right before she gave the chicken the last wallop, she locked eyes with it. It seemed sorry and begged for its life, as it wanted to surrender at this time. 

She was past the point of forgiving the once-proud rooster; she raised the stick, began flailing at the chicken the last time, and gave it the fatal blow.

That evening, my jubilant grandmother relished that same chicken as dinner, with all the trimmings.

My grandmother tried to be kind and caring to all her farm animals, but with her fiery temper, she asserted herself when faced with this quarrelsome rooster.

Her temper rose once before when some nearby annoying garter snakes surprised her while she was hanging laundry; she ran to the barn to get an ax and bashed them to bits. She claimed dominion over her laundry yard, as she previously won out over the reptiles; she once again demonstrated her prowess in battle versus the rooster.


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