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It’s a time for giving thanks

Not just time to stuff your tanks

Many won’t have the traditional

Of having a meal that is nutritional

Some won’t have the Turkey and all the trimmings

Most will have those meals lest brimming

Even if they are finding meals to be less fulfilling

They will just be grateful to have enough food to be enjoying

Others might not have a bite, and will be forgotten

This holiday season, to see that others aren’t downtrodden

With those who are happy to just have what they need

while others are lavished with greed.


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Count your blessings

Thanksgiving is tomorrow

Tonight I’m counting my blessings for what I do have.  One very important thing is that I have my good health. I’m very glad and blessed that I have good health. 

Sure there are things in my life that make me sad, scared and I wish I could change.  But we have to realize that we can’t save or change others in the world. 

Law abiding citizens is what we should be, we should strive to be out best at whatever we do in life. As the saying goes, a job worth doing is worth doing well.

That’s not just the job at work, it’s helping others when they need it and not expecting rewards. When you do something for someone you must do it because you want to. And the reward is how that good deed makes you feel about  yourself.  

We have to be happy with who we are and our accomplishments, like being a good person, paying your bills on time and being respectful towards others.  

I must think of how lucky I am, I’m not rich, I don’t live in a big fine fancy house. But the things that make me feel rich, happy and content with my life is that I am not in debt.

I have the things I need and other things I enjoy. I keep to myself and I love my time to myself at the end of the day. That’s my reward. 

My daughter has graduated from college and is now on her own. That’s the biggest job and the most important job you can have in your life is raising your children and making sure that you give them the tools they need in life to succeed. 

Just because a child turns 18 doesn’t mean your job is over. That child still needs guidance. I was always happy to assist my child when they ask for help.

Oh, I’m sure I dropped the ball on many things in my life, and maybe a few times as a parent. But I believe that I picked that ball back up and went on my way.

It’s not been easy for me because I was a single parent with a very sick  child on cancer meds unable to attend school for years and no spouse to help.  I spent many lonly nights crying, walking the floor and worrying about my daughters health.

Well to make a long story short I got through all those tough years without help and my daughter is now in remission and has been for years. 

I only have myself to thank for my accomplishment, and I’m damn proud. I built a solid foundation that I hope my daughter can continue building on.

I’ll say it again, I’m not rich, I don’t own a home, nice car . I don’t have cable TV, but I feel I’ve arrived, if you will.  Why do I feel this way? Because I’ve made it to age 50 and I have not given up no matter how rough it was for me.  

Many people have gone through bad times and I know that and they have made it through. But for me who felt so weak and helpless, and unloved, I over came that and did all that without encouragement from anyone. 

I had to do that to prove to me, that I could do it, no matter what it took.  You only have to prove something to yourself. Others really don’t care. Once you have proved you can do something then you have everything. Nothing else matters. Not being rich, poor, educated, or uneducated. It also builds confidence and self-esteme. Oh yes it’s all very hard to work for but in the end you get your rewards of. “Yes I did it” !

I’m not perfect by any means, nor do I claim to be. I do have moments where I try for perfection in what I do. What is perfect in my life is that I’ve built a life that I love and enjoy.  

 The fact that you did NOT ever give up no matter how others treated you, or doubted you. That is where the real wealth is.  

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Time has stood still for a moment

Time is still
an air “ice age”
the world has frozen
In its own tracks
Icy dense fog that
Clogs the atmosphere
From highest mountain
To the bottom of an ocean
For a time everything is
Everything is
And everything is

copyright 2013
all rights reserved

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Walking through the woods

I’m not sure where I’m at

The darkness I’m looking into

Is exceedingly overpowering

 Faint light from the sky

Surges through the

Darkness once in a while

But not sufficient for me

To be able to see where I am going

Paralyzed with fear

I don’t know what’s

Hiding in the darkness

There is NOT a sound

 I’m gasping for air

Because I feel I can’t breathe

I’m consumed by the fear of what I

Don’t know. 


Copyright 2013

All rights reserved

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Went for a cruise on the maiden ship Titanic,
A wonderful ship everyone said would be epic
I was not scared because it was unsinkable
To be in fear would for me be unthinkable
Wanted to sail to another land
Where my life could be quite grand
Unpacking my suit case in a luxurious liner
This is the one yacht that could not be finer.
Passengers enjoyed dinner, dancing and music
And all the days of the trip they would frolic
 I heard that people like Astor, Gugenheim Straus, Thayer and Gordon
Would be on this ship including Stead, Fulrelle, Gibson and Morgan
On April 14, 1912 I was that evening returning to my room
Walking down the corridor I heard a deafening boom
Went to find an RMS crew member
When I was told on deck to assemble
He handed me a life jacket just in case
And to get in the lifeboat because there was space
Passengers were lowered down by the crew
The first little boat had just a few
A man started quickly paddling our tiny boat
Once far away he stopped and we would just float
Everyone watched as we heard screaming, crying and yelling
Amongst the chaos we heard music and saw the flares flying
 In the early hours of April 15, the ship’s lights flickered out and then went straight up vertical
We all heard the moans of the iron and watched it break in half and it sank uncontrollable
From quite a distance I saw an ocean of people
Out in the middle of the sea no one felt hopeful
 Soon there was no sound
As we all looked around
  Shivering crying and wondering
 If we going to live or die pondering
Copyright 2013
All Rights Reserved

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November 22, 1963

November 22, 1963

My mother had just put me down for a nap

And was folding clean diapers in her lap

When Cronkite broke in on her show

And announced for everyone to know

That JFK had been shot in Dallas

He didn’t want to be callous

Soon Cronkite would announce

The death of Kennedy he pronounced

All this had happened and it was quite fast

News was coming and it was constant and vast

My father’s birthday that day was to be celebrated

But my parents agreed it would have to be belated

The world had just changed and in shock and everyone remained

No one could speak and it seemed everyone was ashamed

Of what happened to our President John F. Kennedy

Who everyone thought well of and loved so dearly


Copyright 2013
All Rights Reserved

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JFK Revision

The assassination of President John F. Kennedy

To many this has always been an unsolved Mystery

JFK was shot in Dallas, Texas on the 22 of November

We are still mourning him, and will always remember

Abraham Zapruder had no idea what he’d be filming

Would be under scrutiny by the public for viewing

Some said the shots came from the grassy knoll

Where they came from no one will ever know

Jackie Kennedy in terrible shock, crawled out onto the limousine

She could not recall doing this, when the Secret Service Intervened

Walter Cronkite reported this shocking news to us in tears

And in all his years of work, he will forever be revered

Jackie in her blood stained suit stood beside Lyndon B. Johnson

When he took the oath of office to be next president of our nation

Oswald told the world that he was a patsy

Jack Ruby shooting him on TV was ghastly

Life Magazine chronicled the events

Filling each page with all JFK contents

To this day there still are reenactments and movies

And everyone like me still feels this is newsworthy


Copyright 2013
All Rights Reserved

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