JFK assassination poem

Assassination of President John F. Kennedy

To many this has always been an unsolved Mystery

Who really shot JFK on the 22 of November?

We are still mourning him, and will always remember

Walter Cronkite reported this shocking news to us in tears

And all his years of work he will forever be revered

Some said the shots came from the grassy knoll

Where they came from no one will ever know

Jackie Kennedy in terrible shock, crawled out on the limousine

She could not recall doing this when the Secret Service Intervened

Abraham Zapruder had no idea what he’d be filming

Would be under scrutny by the public for viewing

Oswald told the world that he was a patsy

Jack Ruby shooting him on TV was ghastly

Oswald looked shocked when he saw Ruby

And Jack must silence him, he felt was his duty

Life Magazine chronicled the events

Filling each page with all JFK contents

To this day there still are reenactments and movies

And everyone like me still feels this is newsworthy

Copyright 2013
All Rights Reserved


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