Who let the dogs out?

I once had a neighbor that lived down the street from me when I was a little girl in my parents’ home. She was a very nice lady that kept two big watch dogs in her big fenced in back yard. She lived alone since her husband died so the dogs were of great protection to her. She would occasionally have to leave to run an errand, or would go for a walk when she did this she’d bring her dogs in until she returned.

One time when she left a man snuck in her back yard, he was planning on breaking in and robbing the place. Well she returned and let her dogs out in the back yard where the man was, and they mauled him he ran screaming down the street with the dogs chasing him and she called the police and they picked up the guy and charged him with attempted burglary but not before he was taken to the hospital to receive stitches for all his wounds. The guy later tried to bring charges against my neighbor for being attacked by her two dogs. The charges were dropped because he was trying to break into her house.


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